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Tonight changed my life completely. Tonight, 2 of my 4 best friends got in a car accident. We were all 5 at church. When it ended, Taina and Valencia left to go home and as soon as they turned out of the church, a drunk driver hit them and kept going. My other best friend Tina was in the car behind them and called me and our friend Danielle and told us. Them 3 got off the road and pulled into a little center right next to where they were hit, Danielle and I dropped what we were doing and rushed over to them. I jumped out of the still moving car and hugged Taina and cried and told her I loved her so much, then Valencia. They said they both got a gut feeling to buckle their seatbelts right before they were hit. We stayed there for an hour and a half with the police. Some random man pulled in and told us he saw everything and followed the driver, who eventually stopped. Taina and Valencia are in the hospital getting checked out right now. I am forever grateful God was watching over us and was in the car with them tonight. On Danielle and my way home- we saw the driver, couldn’t even stand up and walk. My life just changed, and I am so blessed for my 4 best friends and that every one is okay. We are all cheerleaders except Danielle, so I hope nothing is too bad and they only miss a few practices before they can get back into our sport! I love you girls. Everyone, please- don’t drink and drive.. You can change someone life.

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